Ayo Wahlberg

As a Professor MSO at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His research focuses on the different ways herbal medicine (in Vietnam and the UK) and reproductive medicine (in China and Denmark) have been mobilized, normalized and routinized. I am co-editor of Contested Categories: Life Sciences in Society (2009) and Southern Medicine for Southern People: Vietnamese Medicine in the Making (2012), and I have published a number of papers on the social study of herbal and reproductive medicine. Further to my current European Research Council Starting Grant for VITAL (2015-2020), I have also received a Young Elite Researcher grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research for a project on sperm banking in China (2011-2013) as well as numerous smaller grants. I am an Associate Editor of BioSocieties: an interdisciplinary journal for the social studies of life sciences (Palgrave Macmillan).

Email: ayo.wahlberg@anthro.ku.dk