Anna Mann

Within the VITAL-team, PostDoc fellow Anna Mann focuses on the “Living with” project. Before joining the Copenhagen University’s Department of Anthropology, she has been teaching at the STS laboratory at Humboldt-University Berlin. Anna holds a PhD in Social and Behaviour Science from the University of Amsterdam, where she has been part of Annemarie Mol’s project “The Eating Body in Western Practice and Theory”. Other stations on her academic path included the Centre for Science Studies (Lancaster University), the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation (Ecole des Mines de Paris), the Department of Science and Technology Studies (University of Vienna), and the Institute of Sociology (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).

Anna’s work is situated at the intersection of science and technology studies and anthropology. She investigates how ‘the good’ is created through ethnographic case studies that are set in Western Europe. Before exploring this question in the VITAL context of biomedical practices, she focused on goods in realities of food and eating, such as moments in which something ‘tastes good’ and the construction of a quality, ‘organic’, in bread. In her current work within the VITAL team, she complements the ethnographic research on goods in practice with experiments in learning with and through the figure of the clown.

Anna has been the organiser of the Amsterdam Walking Seminars. She is member of the Advisory Board “Essen – Ein offenes Labor”, and member of the European Association for the Studies of Science and Technology and the European Association of Social Anthropologists.