Vital research assistant joins the team – University of Copenhagen

01 March 2018

Vital research assistant joins the team

Laura Heinsen has joined the VITAL team as research assistant as of 1 March 2018 and will work with the team through to the end of the project in 2020. Laura will be coordinating various VITAL researcher sessions, workshops and a final conference slated for 2020 (and tentatively titled “Living”) as well as with various VITAL research and research dissemination related tasks.

Laura has her MSc from the Department of Anthropology where she wrote an important MSc thesis on prenatal screening, part of which has been published as “Moral Adherers: Pregnant Women Undergoing Routine Prenatal Screening in Denmark” in the recently published edited volume Selective Reproduction in the 21st Century. Her research has also been disseminated through a radio interview with Danmarks Radio’s P1 station as well as a solicited op-ed for the Danish daily Information. Before joining VITAL, Laura has spent the last couple of years working for the municipality of Copenhagen in the fields of welfare technologies and disability.